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to get your project off the ground and to see it fly

“I have always been inspired by strong ideas – ideas that move us forward and change the world. Making these ideas visible, bringing them to life, getting them off the ground – indeed, literally ‘making them fly’ – that was and is my intention. I look forward to giving your ideas wings as well.”


Jürgen Ahrens

How we see it

Personally, with mutual respect, tolerance and dignity. We listen to our conscience and our employees, we are critical of the spirit of the times and are guided by enduring values. We respect human dignity and are respectful towards our employees. We are committed to the sustainable creation and preservation of jobs. We act truthfully and reject unfair competition. We support activities related to performance, research, education and training. We are committed to the social market economy and thus contribute to a positive corporate image in the public eye. We feel bound by the spoken word. The word counts. We act in a solution-oriented manner in cases of conflict. It is our goal to reach an agreement. We respect the intellectual and material property of others. We maintain a constructive dialogue with other companies.

Versatile, in type and application

Fast, flexible and uncomplicated


“Ingenious”, with the highest level of experience and knowledge

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Consulting and support during development and construction

Visualization of DAD data

Prototypes and design model making

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Job description technical model maker

The profession of technical model maker operates in a dynamic working environment that is constantly evolving technically and challenges the model maker across the board. In order to meet these demands, the core competencies of the technical model maker include conscientiousness, technical and mathematical understanding, PC user skills and the ability to work in a team. An interest in modern technical production processes are further ideal prerequisites for this profession.

Image film model and mold making – Holzfachschule Bad Wildungen

Model maker: the unknown dream job – Holzfachschulen Bad Wildungen